Let That Dream Date Come Alive With Dear Heart Events

Introducing Our New Gourmet Picnic Experience


Such a cute idea for a baby shower, such a great atmosphere! Thank you! - E.N.

This baby shower was the cutest thing, thank you for making it so special! - M.V.

Thank you for the wonderful evening you provided - Everything from candles & decor to food and all little nice extra touches were appreciated!
The best part was we didn't have to worry about anything- you took care of every detail!- V.M.​​

What a beautiful dinner and get together! Good food again and lovely atmosphere. Thank you so much ladies. - V.H.

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Such a beautiful meal and evening to celebrate. Delicious food, beautiful decor, great company... lovely memories. - R.K.

Thank you for a lovely dinner in your romantic farm house! Not sure how to get myself to move to go home and leave this restful haven... - A.H.

Thank you so much for a wonderful evening and very tasty food! You made my birthday a very special day!! - R.H.

Thank you for creating such a beautiful setting ... cozy, warm and delicious food. our visit has been wonderful! - R.K.


There's no better way to show your Dear Heart how loved they are, than a unique evening they will cherish forever!

We customize every detail of every event to suit your style and wishes. From the menu to the decor, we make sure its a dream come true!

Whether its a dinner date for two or a larger group event, enjoy the experience in a private setting, prepared just for you!

What a lovely surprise - wonderful, romantic dinner in the old farmhouse! Food was scrumptious, atmosphere relaxing and toes warmed up under the table. Definitely a great experience! We'll gladly recommend this to everyone!   -V.M

What a beautiful celebration you girls hosted last night! The decor, from the lanterns at the end of the driveway leading up to the house and all the way inside was so cozy... To top it off, the food was fabulous from appetizers to dessert - well portioned, spiced perfectly, arranged artfully, and OH SO DELICIOUS!! - R.K.

What People Are Saying...

This was so fun and so good! And cute! - A.H.

What a lovely 35th birthday surprise! Thanks girls for being a part of my special evening with some dear people in my life! - T.K.

We enjoyed the birds singing, the soft spring breeze, a beautiful setting sun, and such amazing treats with friends and family around a gorgeous table set with my favorite romantic colors. JUST PERFECT! We will gladly come again! Thanks so much! - O.V.​​