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I am married to the love of my life, live on a gorgeous farm on the outskirts of Toronto and always reach for the stars. I am a George Brown graduate from the chef-training program (attended and graduated with Brianna). I love cooking, baking and entertaining. I am so excited for this new adventure with these amazing girls!​

I am a mommy and wife, with a passion for pretty pictures. I grew up in a family of seven children with the rich blessing of living in two countries. I love challenging myself in new ways everyday, and I have to admit, I'm a Pinterest addict. I am absolutely thrilled to be working with two of my favorite talented ladies, to bring you a service that will not disappoint! 



How often do you go the extra mile for your Dear Heart? 
How often does a date exceed all your romantic dreams and expectations? 
How unique was your marriage proposal or special anniversary? 
​What if you did not have to worry about planning that perfect
​evening for your loved one but it was all taken care of for you? 

​​We cannot truly express our excitement to offer a service we believe our society is sorely lacking.


Wanderlust continuously leads me to fascinating places around the world, but family and friends repeatedly guide me home again. I need them too much to stay away for long. I now have the best job working with two of my favorite people. They inspire me without even trying. With them, I get to pursue my love of cooking, decorating and hosting magical events. 

About Us

We are three close friends working together to make it incredibly easy to sweep your Dear Heart off their feet. We create customized, unique and private moments for you and your loved one. From marriage proposals, to anniversaries, birthdays and surprise date nights. We specialize in romantic events, and  also host/cater customized group events. At Dear Heart we make dreams come true. Show your love with our custom designed moments. Create memories that will last forever. Show her that she is special and yours forever. ​​